What is Globally Fair?

What is Globally Fair?
July 8, 2014 Cindy Henderson

My daughter, Kate, & I opened Globally Fair in May of 2014 so people have a store in the Okanagan where they can find a broad range of fair trade products.

We carry amazing, handcrafted jewellery & home décor, coffee, dried fruit & sugar, teas, spices & other beautiful, unique items from around the world. Our products come from developing countries including Nepal, Thailand, India, Peru, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Kenya, Indonesia.

We also carry wonderful beeswax candles & soaps & mala bracelets & necklaces crafted locally.

Paying a fair wage to the artisans & farmers enables them to have basic necessities such as education for their children, medical care & a safe home.

We invite you to come by & see our wonderful store.


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