Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas
December 17, 2016 Kate Henderson
Meet our “Denderedzwa Shamwari” or Circle of Friends in Shona which is the language spoken in Zimbabwe where these adorable animal keychains are from.
Each of them wants something a little different for Christmas. Here are some ideas for those tricky people on your list.

This is Agness. She loves jewelry & hopes some of her friends will buy her something unique, memorable & fair trade for Christmas. Here are some wonderful, handmade ideas for the Agness on your list.
This is Alice! She loooooves tea! She can never have enough tea cups or different flavours of tea. Here are some great gifts for the Alice on your list.
This is Bruce! He loves to cook & all his friends want to stay in his good books so they’ll get invited over for Christmas dinner. Here are some yummy & useful gift ideas for the Bruce on your list.
Meet Craig. Craig is one of those difficult people who has everything & none of his friends know what to get him. Here are some fun & fantastic gift ideas for the Craig on your list.
This is Eve! She lives to bike. Everything in her house is bike-themed & her friends found some really great gifts for her! Here are some ideas for the Eve on your list!
This is George. He is in desperate need of some awesome Christmas decorations & hopes his friends will help him out. Here are some epic decorations for the George on your list.
Meet Judith. She’s one of those difficult women who doesn’t want jewelry or scarves & has basically everything she needs. Here are some ideas for the Judith on your list.
Leo is getting married & his friends don’t want to get him a redundant gift so he started a gift registry at Globally Fair so they could get him something unique. Here are some gorgeous gift ideas for that couple on your list.
Obviously this is Linda! She is absolutely obsessed with scarves! All she hopes her friends will get her are scarves (or a gift card to Globally Fair to buy scarves)! Here are some great gift ideas for the Linda on your list.
This is Linnet! She loves cats. She hopes her friends will get her something adorably cat-themed for Christmas. Here are some puurfect gifts for the Linnet on your list.
This is Louise. She loves anything elephant. Earrings, sculptures, boxes, everything. Here are just some of the exquisite elephant items the Louise on your list will love.
This is Lotwell! He is mad for games & puzzles. All he wants for Christmas is something that will test his mind. Here are some fun & frustrating games & puzzles for the Lotwell on your list.
Meet Pauline! Yoga is her thing! She’d like nothing better than for her friends to get her something mindful and beautiful for her studio. Here are lots of relaxing ideas for the Pauline on your list.
This is Raphael! He hopes his mum will get him some fun, fair trade toys for Christmas. Here are some fun & fantastical ideas for the kid or kid-at-heart on your list.


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