About Globally Fair

Welcome to Globally Fair; Kelowna’s favorite fair trade shoppe!



We are a family-owned Fair Trade shop that sells products from around the world including Kenya, India, Peru & Nepal. Artisans are paid a fair price, in advance of us receiving the product.
Carrying a wide variety of unique handcrafted products, including jewellery, home decor, food, drink, & personal accessories, there’s a little something for everyone. We can tell you where our products are from, who made them and what they are made of, which ensures a unique purchasing experience!
Your purchase makes a difference in the lives of artisans & their families in developing countries by making it possible for them to have health care, food/water security & education.
We believe it’s becoming more and more important in this global world to remain connected to developing nations & assist them in raising themselves out of poverty.

Meet our Staff (I mean family)





I opened Globally Fair because I’m passionate about fair trade & people need a place to find fair trade products in our community. I worked for over 10 years for a large fair trade organization & when the store was closed, I decided to open our own store. I would like Globally Fair to be the first place people think of when they need to buy any of the amazing items that we carry.
Cindy Henderson (cindy@globallyfair.ca)
I have been around fair trade since I was six, so it’s a big part of my life. When my mom said she wanted to open her own fair trade shop I knew it would be a great opportunity for me to learn about running a business while being able to learn, and talk to people about, the wonderful products we carry. A big part of fair trade (the way we do it) is telling the stories behind our products. Because everything is handmade every piece has a history & a story and I think that’s one of the coolest things; being able to tell what a product is made of & where it’s made makes you feel closer to the artisan.
Kate Henderson (kate@globallyfair.ca)